Lonesome Tree

Taken with a BW IR modified Nikon D300S.

Location, MeiJiaWu village,Hangzhou.


I used to take a bike ride through this area between the 2005-2011 ; Usually twice a week when the weather is friendly..

My trip usually from Zhejiang University ZiJinGang campus, strolling all the way through Xixi road and through Lingxi Road which usually ends up at Zhijiang Campus..somehow…

In some occasion I usually alter my route, sometimes I would pass through Meiling road that ends up near the Song Dynasty town.

During my first visit, it was quite breathtaking since it feels like entering a hidden village that’s surrounded by hills.

Despite being populated by Tea gardens and Tea shops/stops it does have it’s own charm. Especially during the winter and when it snows, this place really offers a mystical feel.


It was all nice… Until I have this side job of being a tour guide and/or tour leader in China.


Even though the pay is shitty, It was still a nice side job. I got to meet and be acquainted with a lot of interesting and kind people, so, yeah, all is good..

Also, I got a peek into the Chinese Travel Industries… which is something that I wish I didn’t get involved with…


Yea, This village is usually included for any travel itineraries that visits Hangzhou ,Suzhou,Shanghai.

I mean, it is a nice village after all, with a quite picturesque landscape and it’s tranquil feeling. well, that is until I knew that some of the so called “Tea store” and “restaurant” exist .

Well, I don’t mean to bash them for their excellent quality service and totally pleasant etiquette , I’ll save that for another day.


Ah, anyway, It wasn’t until last July when I visited this area and stumbled upon this sweet spot, a very nice delicate passageway to the woods(not really) with only one tree on the middle.

For those who want to visit this spot in Hangzhou , it’s located just across the Bamboo Grove Bus 云栖竹经 Station (If I recall correctly, I took bus number 103).

Of course, don’t dismiss the village too, it is still worth passing by ; Preferably with a bike… during Spring or Autumn.



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