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14 Years ago, I was still trying to adapt in a boarding school in China. My roommates are a combination of misfits that came from Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong. Communication is sort of a problem during that time and it took a combination of games to bond us together ; Starcraft , Counter Strike and Warcraft 3.

So, yes, Warcraft 3, a sequel to Warcraft and warcraft 2. It was a cutting edge game from that time, with 3D models and what not, it was a fresh start after binge playing starcraft. We played like there’s no tomorrow, 4 Players, Free for all. Such a fine time…

A few years passed, the Warcraft 3 craze ended around 2004 when we are preparing for finals and university entrance exam. Then, there’s this thing called World of Warcraft. It was…something epic. A full fledged,actually good looking(for that time, anyway)MMORPG.

It was the start of my love with the warcraft universe and it has been 12 years since I’m played it,I started playing at the chinese server, and moved on to the US server after 3 years or so. It’s a love and hate relationship where I binge played it for a whole year, left it for being miserable at life…then returning again, and the cycle continues..and it ends up with me , being a casual player.

When the movie was first announced, I’m excited and the hype kept on building in the past two years. Eager to see the universe that I’ve been traversing in the past few years to be brought to life with a movie.

It was until the launch trailer first appeared. My first reaction is…”umm, okay…This looks alright,I think”

Then the movie launched last Wednesday (Yay, Indonesia!), I finally got to watch it on Friday, so, let the review start.





I guess I’ll just make it as simple as it can be..without spoiling it..


The story is about a horde of orc, seeking a new land to live in, since their world is dying.

Led by a warlock , who sacrificed a bunch of Draenei for fel energy to fuel the portal, the first batch of Orcs successfully ported to Elwynn forest

Then we get to meet the Alliance, basically, a bunch of humans who got a report that there’s an invasion going on, so they send a troop to investigate it..

Then the two fought…Followed with a bunch of spectacle of the world(of warcraft), kinda big twist ,unnnecessary romance filler , an anticlimatic crotch slashing and an open ended ending….

The End..


So… was it good?

Being an avid lover of the series, I can fairly say it’s mediocre, at best, and that is me, being kind..

The plot is okay, about two sides fighting for a good reason. Mostly, to protect themselves and to survive. Not counting Gul’Dan’s motive. Oh, and some twists (for those who didn’t know the story beforehand) !!

The Action & animation is great, each hammering blow done by the Orcs feels devastating. Definitely the only redeeming feature of this movie. But, the magic cast by the caster could be better…

Music and Sound are good, fits well with the animation!

Fanservice ? yea, there’s a murloc (silhouette) on sight.. A glimpse on Redridge mountain, Dalaran,Karazhan. Not so much,though…


So…what’s not to like?

Well, for starters… The writing, it’s really stale, while it tries to maintain it’s serious tone throughout the movie, the whole thing starts to irk me after 10 minutes into the movie.

I mean, it’s a movie based on a game with giant panda monk killing an enormous dragon while bringing a little kitten. Serious tone aside, the dialogue is a bit too stiff, not to mention that the orc switch language between English and Orcish.. yeap, no love for this one…

Then there’s the editing…or direction of the movie. The movie flow started okay, during the first ten minutes, then it’s all over the place. To put it shortly, lots of distraction throughout the movie ,the flow between scene feels jagged.

Acting… well, it was okay…


Overall, this is one “okay” Movie, put aside the flaws and you get a pretty good video game movie (well, it’s a pretty low standard to beat anyway..). It could be a much better movie if done right(The pacing,the writing..) But hey, it is what it is.

The ending of the movie seems to be trying to set up a sequel for Thrall, but really, all we need is the Lich King Arc.


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